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Privacies Help Page

This page is designed to help you understand and navigate the privacies portion of this website.

Finding the Members Privacy Page

Members Privacy Page

Privacies Page

On the Privacies page you can choose to hide or show your Email Address, Mailing Address, Phone Number, Cell Phone Number, Spouse Information, Children's Name, Children's Address, Children's Phone Number, Other Contact Information and your Member Photo. When you select a checkbox, that area of your information will be hidden from other's member's view.


Select buttons By clicking the "Select All" button you can select all the checkboxes at once. By clicking the "UnSelect All" button you can unselect all the checkboxes at once.

Restore button To restore or return the original values, click the "Restore" button.

Save button To save your changes or new Privacies click the "Save Selections" button. Once you click the save button you will return to the Members Menu.

Menu button Click the Main Menu button to return to the Members Menu with out any changes.

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