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Assignments Help Page

This page is designed to help you understand and navigate the Assignments portion of this website.

Finding the Assignment Details Page

Member Menu

Assignment Details Page

On the Assignment Details page, you can select your beginning and ending ranks, rates, departments, as well as your specialty rating and report and depart dates.

Assignment Details Page

Entering Assignment Details

Select your beginning and ending ranks, rates, departments, and specialty rating by slecting the appropriate choices from the dropdown boxes by clicking on the arrow on the right side of the boxes.

Assignment Dropdown box

Select your report and depart dates by left-clicking on the calander icon to the the right side of the date boxes. A calander tool will appear to allow you to choose the dates. Alternatively, you can enter the dates by using the date drop down boxes.

Assignment Dropdown box

Reset Button You may reset your changes to the original values by clicking the reset button.

Save Button Clicking the save button will save your changes and return you to the Main Menu.

Delete Button Clicking the delete button will delete assignment information from your profile.

Cancel Button You can return to the Main Menu without making any changes by clicking the Cancel button.

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